Music plays on unintended speakers

  • 13 January 2021
  • 2 replies

Hi all,


Looking for some help, maybe someone has had a similar issue.

I have a Sonos One in the living room that when i ask to play music using the alexa function it plays on my office speaker too. Even if i specify “play xxx in the living room” it still plays in the office. The speaker in the office is the older Play 1. 


I’ve ungrouped them on the app, thinking that might be the problem ( the last time used may have been as a pair/group so it continues) but as soon as i used another voice command in the living room on the Sonos One, it was back to playing on both.


Just wondered what i might be missing. Short of resetting everything and starting fresh i’m not sure what to do!




2 replies

This will ‘possibly’ be due to groups in the Amazon Alexa App… if you don’t want the Sonos devices to group then remove the devices from the group and see if that resolves the issue.

Thanks for your reply Ken, had a look through and removed all the “groups” and “areas” (whatever they are!) 


I’d already cleared any pairings on the Sonos app but didn’t seem to work.


Thanks for the nudge on the alexa app, which now seems like an obvious go to. Hopefully that will sort it! getting fed up with my music changing in the office as the Wife changes something downstairs!