Music play then you hear nothing then continues

  • 1 January 2020
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I have 5 Sonos devices and it only happens on two of them.

You can play any type of music, SiriusXM, Amazon, Spotify whatever, music will play for a min or whatever, then you hear nothing then comes back. This will repeat as long as you keep it playing.

Diag: 1757117233


P100 Livingroom

P100 Garage


My other devices I have no issues at all. 


I have rebooted all devices, tried various music sources and still these two keep doing it. There are no updates available on them either. Diag number is above. Looking for some help.


9 replies

Are any of your devices wired to the local network? If not, then perhaps simply try a different 2.4 ghz WiFi channel on your router. I would recommend changing the channel to either   1, 6 or 11 and perhaps see which one works best for your setup. 

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All but the Play1 are hardwired in. All of the Amps have wifi turned off as well.

Likely, this is a communication issue. How is your system configured? What is wired? What is wireless?

OK, Ken can type faster.

I’m not a great fan of suppressing the radios because they may be able to build a path that is not obvious.


I agree with @buzz that the wireless radios should not be disabled unless there is a reason to do so, instead ensure the following things are (put) in place…

  • Set your SonosNet channel so that it is at least 5 channels away from your routers 2.4ghz channel to prevent overlap. Always fix the router channels, rather than allowing the router to auto-select them on startup and avoid channels in use by your neighbours. (*see below).
  • Ensure your WiFi credentials are NOT stored in the Sonos App “Settings/System/Network/Wireless Setup” (They are not required when running a system on SonosNet.
  • Add all your Sonos IP addresses to your routers DHCP Reservation Table. This is optional, but highly recommended.
  • Make sure that your Sonos devices are at least 3 feet away from any other wireless devices, including the main router.
  • Where practicable, connect any other non-Sonos devices to the 5ghz Wifi band. 
  • Switch off any guest WiFi radios when they are not in use/required.
  • Scan your locality, from time to time, with a free software WiFi scanner (*such as WiFiInfoView, just as an example) to ensure that your neighbours router has not altered its WiFi channels and continue to avoid using those channels, whilst maintaining separation between your own WiFi channel and SonosNet.
  • If using WiFi access points, or repeaters, with the same SSID as the main router, then ensure they operate on the same 'fixed' WiFi channels as the main router too.

This Sonos Support document is also worth keeping in mind... 

Hope those few things assist and prove to be helpful in stopping the audio dropout issues.👍

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Ok, so I’ve check the two devices and one had wifi disabled and one enabled. I have them both enabled and on channel 6 for SonosNet Channel. Both of these devices are LAN connected to my network, that is priority over WIFI on these devices correct? That is how any laptop or other devices work. Like I said before of have another two AMPs that work just fine, its just these two. All in the same physical location as the two that work. 


I also changed my WIFI channel on my router, lets see what happens.

Yes, a wired connection has priority.

A while back I encountered a situation where the wired LAN speed was about half of what we expected. It was very puzzling. We had a SONOS player and a number of other devices connected to a network switch. Eventually we discovered that the buried network cable that had been supporting the switch was damaged during some construction. The SONOS unit was sharing its wireless connection with the switch. While SonosNet is very robust, it is not as fast as a wired connection -- hence the slower speed. If everything connected to the switch had stopped working, we would have immediately suspected “bad cable”.

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Ok after the wifi adjustment, still happening, I can try another new network cable, but I know that isnt it. Stay tuned.

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Ok, I rebooted my dumb switch and swapped cables, things seem to be better now. Thanks for the help guys, not sure why these things are so touchy. Thanks again.