Music not playing

  • 29 January 2017
  • 2 replies

Upgraded to 7.1 yesterday. Just noticed now that when trying to play music through sonos in any of my rooms, the music does not play. It will play for a few secs intermittently but that is it. I get a message about "network connection speed insufficient to buffer" but I did an internet speed test which comes up good. Never had this problem prior to upgrade so that may be the catalyst. Sent a tweet with diagnostic and sent another one now: #7049073

Rebooted router with no change. Please advise

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2 replies

Problem was taken care of through more router recycles, unplugging various devices, and resetting the controller. No rhyme or reason as this has been working for a few years. Wish there was support over the weekend to help me over this bump
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was probably an IP address conflict the router created.