Music (my music) starts playing suddenly by itself

  • 21 October 2019
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 I have a playbar and two Play 1. I use the iOS Sonos app for from my mobile play radio stations and I also send music to the Sonos system from my NAS device, Synology, using the DS Audio App.

All fine until yesterday when all of the sudden music started playing in the middel of the nigth, i woke up and saw that it was the radio station from my Sonos app was “playing” instead of stopped. I stopped in my mobile and went back to bed.  During the same day, and this time after using DS Audio, it happens the same thing, DS Audio started also playing when it was stopped.

  • I have not shared wifi access to anybody
  • The fact that two different apps from my own mobile are the ones start playing automatically indicates me that possibly nothing is wrong with both apps (from different vendors) but rather the devices are receiving somehow a play if a ghost would press the physicall play button in the devices

For the moment I have decided to turn my mobile off during the night

Any ideas?




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5 replies

Hey, I have been gettin the issues yesterday. It was working all fine prior. The music that I stream over from my Nas Drive via DS Audio, now starts automatically from the sonos App every 10-20 minutes. Have you had any luck of how to solve this issue ?

Hi. Sonos is not, and does not claim to be, DLNA compliant. It will sometimes work, but is not supported and so if you rely on it you have to live with unpredictable results!

The solution is to use the supported Sonos app, not the unsupported DS Audio Station, to play music from your NAS.

And further to my reply above, the music is not starting in the Sonos app. The Sonos app is a remote control not a music player. The Sonos app is not involved in what is happening at all (except to show what is playing).

I see, what is the solution to all of this ? to delete the Synology DS audio app ? to completely delete the app from my smart devices ? I will give it a try and see if it does work or not. 

No. Just stop using the DS Audio Station and use the Sonos app to play your Sonos Music Library