Music library disappeared

  • 15 June 2014
  • 3 replies

Music library has disappeared!! I have had SONOS for years and this morning it says I have no music in the library and the SONOS playlists are not playing. I have a MAC. HELP!

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3 replies

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Is the source you have for your music turned on and connected to the network.
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Hello Sharon,

Did you recently lose connection to your system and had to reconnect by going over to one of your Sonos devices and hitting the buttons to reconnect?
Are you missing any music services as well? Do you get any error messages on the screen? Does it tell you to 'add your music library....' to the system when you click on Music Library?

If so, the system may have accidentally been reset. 

Please submit a diagnostic and respond with the number here. I'll be happy to take a look and verify.
I just ran into this problem. Suddenly my Music Library disappeared after working perfectly for 3 weeks. I've been able to fix it but I'm not exactly sure which step resolved the issue:
1. Turned off all but 1 Sonos device then ...
2. Removed and re-added the NAS share - didn't fix it on it's own
3. Deleted all 'Album art' files (in fact *.jpg) from the root folder of the music share (the share is otherwise structured as Artist\Album\[files])
4. Removed and re-added the NAS share - indexing took noticably longer, now it works again :)
5. Turn on other Sonos devices - all working

My best guess is that the presense of the jpg files in the share root was breaking the Sonos indexing process.