Music drops out when playing iPod through Connect

When playing music from my iPod and wired to the Connect, the music will drop out if I'm playing to multiple speakers. If it's only playing through the Playbar, everything is fine. If I play through the app, I don't have this problem. My other half is pretty OCD about keeping track how many times a song is played in iTunes, and this only keeps track when wired.

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Sounds like an unusual problem. Might I suggest that after you get one of these dropouts, you submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at? I'd do it within 10 minutes, so thee's something in the logs that the folks at Sonos can see that might be causing the issue.
Good suggestion, I kept meaning to do that. Thanks for the reminder.
Diag submission 7760209
Shortly after I gathered the first diagnostic logs it started doing it worse so I gathered another diag log. 7760222
I get this once in a while. I think it has to do with the audio levels supplied to the line out. I play around with the audio level between what I have plugged into the connect and my iPhone until I get enough power to the jacks to keep it going. Similar to connecting your phone to an aux Jack, you can adjust the volume on both devices. Have to be careful with distortion if you turn them both up or you could blow the speaker.
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Shortly after I gathered the first diagnostic logs it started doing it worse so I gathered another diag log. 7760222

Thanks, think you can change the wireless channel on your Sonos system to channel 1? It looks like that might help out a lot. If you still have trouble, can you send a new diagnostic for us?
Sure, I can make that change this evening. However, that wouldn't explain why the issue is only apparent when my iPod is plugged in.
Sure it could. If it has something to do with the amount of bandwidth required to carry the "thicker" signal the system is getting from the iPod, rather than the more regulated music it would get from the internet, which may be fighting with interference on that particular channel. Or, it's possible that it's step one in a process. Step one fixes this issue, and then would reveal a potential next issue which might be obscured.

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