Music drops out intermittently when playing from iTunes on Mac

  • 3 October 2019
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I am having a consistent problem when playing music from iTunes on my MacBook Pro that is connected to a Beam: the audio skips at least once every track. This morning it skipped four times on the same track so I dug around the support site for assistance.
I changed the way I connect the Beam to my network: instead of connecting via WiFi, I am now connecting via ethernet. I changed the channels to try and avoid interference.

The problem seems to be occurring only when I play tracks from iTunes on my MacBook Pro - it appears to be OK when I play music from the Spotify app from my MacBook Pro.

My Mac is connected to a 5Ghz band router and is in the same room as the router and the Beam.

Thanks for any assistance.

1 reply

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Hi Designwallah, if the music plays fine from Spotify, but not from your MacBook, most likely it's not the Sonos players connection to the network, but the connection between the computer to the network then back to Sonos. Now, Spotify may be streaming lower quality tracks if your MacBook has a library of high quality tracks, which could change some things as well, but as a test, I'd see if you could have your Mac wired into the network, or maybe try it on the 2.4GHz network in the off chance that it's interference or bandwidth issues on the 5GHz.

It may be best to troubleshoot this live with a technician though, so feel free to contact our team here.