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Same thing happening to me with songs cutting off and skipping to next song. I may have identified it as when my iphone sleeps, but this was never an issue in the past, just recently. I don't want to stop my iphone from sleeping or I'll never have any battery life. I submitted a report #1739780955
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Hi, cdd853. There is currently an ongoing issue with streaming from iOS devices. The suggested workaround, as you say, is to turn off the autolockscreen functionality. We hope to resolve this through other means soon.
Case #: 00223178. The annoying fact that the music cuts short when playing tracks on own devices persists, really needs a fix urgently. I have my own tracks cut short 2/3 into the song (depending on song lenght) even when lock screen disabled. This happens when playing Sonos from any device, iPhone, iPad, MAC. Playbar now connected by ethernet cable, but it still happens. As with most others, it does not happen when playing streaming services. The story is that we are forced to pay for streaming services as we cannot play own music, which we have paid for owning!!!.
Hi I am a novice at dealing with this. As I can see many people have had this issue and have been directed to send a diagnostic report.
Could I ask have Sonos found out why this is happening?
Could you kindly place a solution on this forum? Or direct how I can solve the same issue.
’I play music from iPhones’ Stored library, when the screen is active, no problems playing the music one after another, if the screen locks then either songs skip or stops playing. I’ve isolated each sonos speaker and it happens on all of them (6-8mo ago I had no issue, so wonder if it’s an update issue). I am however able to play radio stations with out any problems. Don’t have streaming service so can’t test that’.

Really appreciate the assistance.
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I'm having an issue similar to the OP. I have 4 Play 1's (not one) and 3 Connects. One Connect is wired to my router, the rest of the Sonos devices are wireless. I have no issues with internet audio sources (primarily Google Play Music). However, when I play from my local Music Library the audio stutters and starts cutting in and out on various speakers. Once it stops doing that, it'll continue to play an entire album as expected. I've had intermittent issues with this when the queue finishes and I add more music. Occasionally the playback will skip to the next track or just start going through the queue with each subsequent song unplayable. This only happens when I'm playing from my local Music Library and always happens when I begin to play music from that library. I suspect my wired Connect may not be set as the root device (having read other posts and having switched from a Bridge a while ago). I am no longer using a Bridge. My local music is stored on a Drobo 5N. Router, ethernet cables, etc. are all gigabit. I'd appreciate an email with troubleshooting steps.
They're unlikely to send an email, that's just not the way that Sonos tends to work.

Your symptoms are indeed odd. Basically, you've ruled out both wifi interference and a potential duplicate IP address issues by the fact that you've got no problems when streaming Google Play Music. And removing the BRIDGE makes sense, although I replaced mine with a BOOST, rather than a CONNECT.

Why so many CONNECTs? Do you have that many inputs to your Sonos system?

Which raises some potential other questions in the network. Is there any possibility that your Drobo 5N is sleeping occasionally? I've never owned one myself, but there are some NAS devices that allow sleep to cut in when it perceives it's not in use. It would seem odd for it to sleep when it's playing a stream, but it's at least worth checking.

If you're interested in engaging with Sonos support, rather than the Sonos community moderators, I'd recommend that you contact Sonos Support to discuss it. I suggest the phone folks, they have more tools available because they're on the phone with you, but they are only available Monday through Friday during business hours. Both the Twitter and Facebook support folks are available 24/7.

They'll probably want to look at a system diagnostic of your system, it may be worth running one before you contact them, and writing down the resulting number to give to them.