music cuts out if playing from phone from local music library

  • 14 January 2017
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If I am playing music from my phone, the sound will cut out (app still thinks it is playing) about 30 seconds after tabbing out of the app or closing it. I am not able to control the app from the drop down menu on my phone or from the lock screen - the pause button just doesn't work and the controller disappears after trying to press it. If I go back onto the app before it cuts out, I see the message I normally see when opening the app for the first time ("searching for your sonos system"). The only way to listen to music as it is meant to be listened to is to leave my phone on the app with the screen on. That just isn't good enough. I've been having these problems since very soon after I got my play 1. There are 2 other play 1s in the house if that helps. Any ideas?

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2 replies

just submitted a diagnostic after a cut-out. Number: 6999564
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just submitted a diagnostic after a cut-out. Number: 6999564

Hi cjndasd,

There's some wireless interference showing up which is causing your speaker to lose connection to your wireless network from time to time. Please try changing your router's wireless channel to 11 and see if that helps.