Music continuosly stops playing -- I have to keep hitting play on the controller.

  • 5 November 2012
  • 3 replies

Music, from a docked ipod, plays for approx 5 minutes then stops. After I hit play, music plays again then stops. This happened all day until I gave up. I submitted a diagnostic -- the number is: 2224273. Thanks. - James

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3 replies

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Hello, Please use the instructions to change the audio compression for Sonos line-in and the DOCK. Change the compression from auto or uncompressed to compressed please. To change the Line-In Encoding method using your Sonos CONTROL: 1) Push the Music button on your CONTROL and select Settings. 2) Go to Advanced Settings and then select Audio Compression. 3) Choose Uncompressed and try playing the video source again. To change the Line-In Encoding method using your Sonos Controller for PC or Mac: 1) If you are using the Windows client, click on Manage, if you are using the Mac client, click on Sonos. 2) Click on Settings. 3) Select the Advanced tab. 4) Choose Uncompressed for the Audio Compression.
Hi James, will this solution result in a degredation of sound quality?
I have 2 Sonos Connect boxes. One of the 2 very frequently stops streaming any of the radio stations that I choose. The other Connect stops less frequently. The Connect that stops most frequently (several times every day) is less than 15 ft from the router and I have high speed (75 Mbps) internet.
The problem must be with the Sonos, because a few days ago I connected a Google Chromecast to the line-in of the Connect. When the Sonos again stopped playing, I removed the Chromecast cable from the Sonos and connected it directly to the amplifier and the radio station streamed immediately. As a matter of fact I was able to monitor the Chromecast signal on the Google Home / Assistant App and it never stopped.
In fact, the $ 35 Chromecast does almost everything that I need (I can choose my preferred radio stations in TuneIn on my phone and "cast" it to the Chromecast, but now that I have already 2 of the far more expensive Sonos Connect boxes, I want these to work. But honestly, anyone looking at buying Sonos should consider Chromecast. I have Google Home and I can instruct what radio station (or music genre, or song) the Chromecast should play with a voice command.