Moving to a new home!

  • 28 August 2019
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Just moved to a new home and plugged in my many Sonos speakers and, because I have an amazing Google Wifi network, everything immediately played music. Amazing!

Step 2. Now, because it's a new home, I'm gonna go ahead and reconfigure the speakers to fit this new house. Should be easy enough, right? Simply go into the app (desktop or mobile) delete the rooms and then assign the speakers to new rooms!


I've been working on this for the past 2 hours and I feel like it's only gotten more confusing. There is no way to delete rooms, there's no way to even see what speakers are assigned to your rooms. No easy interface to move speakers from room to room, rename them, etc. This is a totally cluster fudge. I've read through a bunch of similar topics on here and it seems there is no easy way to do this.

Why, Sonos? Why?? Honestly, purchasing the house was a more straightforward process.

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3 replies

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Would it not be easier just to rename them? The “room” name is only a label. You just type in the new name for the “room” and that’s it.
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Don't try using the PC app, it can't even rename rooms any more (they deleted all those features). Use the mobile app to rename rooms, as nik9669a says.
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This is a totally cluster fudge.

A "cluster fudge"?! Love it!

I don't know what other threads you were reading, but it's very simple to rename 'rooms', as described by the other posters. Also easy to discover which speakers are currently assigned to which 'rooms' -- just play something on the speaker. Room 'deletion' is not necessary.