Moved to new house. Set up new network. Nothing works. Uber frustrated.

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I have 17 Sonos speakers and I recently moved.  I set up a new Wifi network at my new house (new modem, now router).  I can’t get anything to connect.  I follow all the prompts both wirelessly and directly wired to the router.  It’s just running me in circles.  Has been for DAYS!  I’ve tried with and without my Sonos Boost.  At least with the Boost it seems to find something it likes because I can at least access my account, but I still can’t get any of my speakers to connect.  I have 2 new Songs Arcs due to be delivered next week and I can’t get a single existing speaker to connect. 

I have the new Orbi Wifi 6 mesh system and I’m getting 950 maps of download speed.  All three different Play1 speakers that I’ve tried to connect are right next to the router.  

After a couple of days of this I was able to finally get the app to see one of the Play1s, but I can’t get it to connect to my new wifi - it keeps telling me that I’m entering the wrong password for my network - and I’m not.  I’m 100% certain of that.  Then I try an alternative setup from there and it tells me that I will have to permanently wire that speaker to the router.  

Sonos has gone from my single favorite bit of tech in my life to the single worst.  I absolutely love these products, but I’m beyond frustrated.  I know what I’m doing.  I’ve set up all my speaker in the past.  I’ve moved them.  I’ve paired them in different configurations.  But this has been awful.  Please help. 

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i miss when all of these beautiful toys brought joy to my life.  

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OK … I have 2 working speakers.  One wired and one wireless. 

It does look like you have had an inconsistent transition to S2, possibly because of the circumstances.  I think you need to call Support 

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after a beer.  

Our posts crossed again. I hadn't seen that we had two speakers working.  Try another speaker - factory reset, add to system, update.  Leave others powered on and leave that one speaker wired.  Don’t add the Boost yet - we’ll do that last.

If third speaker adds and updates OK, maybe try adding a couple more then update again.

Please post back on progress at that point.

Further thoughts - keep at least a two foot gap between your router and that wired speaker, to reduce risk of wireless interference.

Please would you also see if you can find out what 2.4GHz wireless channel your router is using, and also which one SonosNet is using (Settings, System, Network). If Sonos is on the same channel as router, change the Sonos channel.

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Thanks for the help on this.  As I continue to add my speakers to my new house/network, they all require a factory reset before they will connect.  Did a Play:5 night …. same thing.  Couldn’t see it after several tries, so did factory reset and then it’s good to go.  Overall been much harder to relocate this stuff that I would have hoped.  I can’t be the first guy that moved and put together a new wireless network in the new house.  

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and about the Boost, i think i’m going to skip it.  i’m getting 900-950 mps of download everywhere (plug for the Netgear Orbi Wifi 6 and CM1200 modem combo).  they say that will support a BUNCH of devices, so i’m going to just go with the network unless there is a compelling reason to add it to this new network (older one was slower, etc). 

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So after 2 weeks of happily adding speakers throughout my house, my original Play1 that I had to hard wire to my router to get everything started began to cut in/out while I was listening.  All my other speakers have been fine, so I figured it might be time to unplug it from the router since everything else was working smoothly and let it be wireless like everything else.  WRONG!  Now I can’t even find my Songs system on my device.  I don’t understand.  

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All I have is, “Unable to connect to Sonos”

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So before I rebuild my system from scratch again, can anyone tell me why I needed to wire my first speaker to get the system up and running, and why it completely disappeared when I unplugged the speaker from the router?  I just don’t understand why that setup was necessary - especially given that I couldn’t get away from it once I had 10+ other speakers set up on wifi.