Move suddenly unreliable

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I have a 12 zone Sonos system, wireless config, that usually runs trouble free. WiFi is provided by BT Whole Home Wifi extenders throughout the house.

One of the zones is a Sonos Move that has performed flawlessly since I’ve had it.

In the last couple of weeks it has started becoming very unreliable.  Typical behaviour is:

 - Add Move to Group (via either Windows Desktop or Android app)

 - Move shows as playing music in the group but no sound comes out

 - Attempt to remove Move from group:  App unable to connect to device, try again later

 - Manually turn Move off and then on again

 - Move sometimes returns to becoming responsive, sometimes not.


At all times the WiFi signal where the Move is situated it showing as full strength on my phone.


I have tried a full factory reset and re-adding to my system with no improvement.


Has anyone experienced anything similar?  Got any helpful hints before I take this to Sonos Support?

Many thanks.


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Hi @IanJShaw 

Thanks for your post!

First of all, please don’t reset your system/products - as you have discovered, it generally doesn’t fix anything and can be a lot of hassle (if there are networking issues a speaker reset doesn’t address them, then they can make adding the speaker back on to the system more difficult and you end up making the opposite of progress).

Have you tried rebooting your network? Please turn your router, the Move and Whole Home extenders off. Once they have been off for at least 30 seconds, turn the router back on first. Once it has fully booted up and is supplying WiFi, turn on Move and test it some. If all seems well, turn on the extenders again, then test once more.

If the issues remain, I recommend you get in touch with our technical support team, who have tools at their disposal that will allow them to give you advice specific to your Sonos system and network.

I hope this helps.



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Thanks for the response.

(And also, that’s the first time I’ve NOT been told to try a full reset with a glitchy product.  But it makes sense!).

Yes, I’ve tried rebooting the router and extenders.  No change I’m afraid.

I’ll get on to technical support.

Many thanks.


I’ve been having the exact same issues starting around the same time. It seems to me it must be connected to an update. Any solutions so far?

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This is a known issue with no fix yet



I’m having the same issues with my Move. The rest of my Sonos speakers work fine but the Move is constantly going offline and not playing music even when it says it is. I’ve tried rebooting my WiFi and sometimes that works but I’m sick of having to do that to make my $400 speaker work.

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This is getting annoying. Two Moves that are now useless. They won’t play in stereo sync, or just won’t play at all. Basically two doorstops. This problem is weeks old too. 
latest diagnostic 1760904207

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Here i an two hours later. Moves playing, or so the app thinks. However not a peep emitted from either speaker. 

I’ve been round the circle of factory reset before, all to no avail. They will eventually kick into life, albeit briefly and then way out of sync with each other. 

I’m all too familiar with Network issues and so went to a lot of trouble to ensure a stable system. Now however Sonos has seen fit to brick two very expensive speakers in an Update. So for coming onto a month and approaching summer I have non functional Garden speakers. 

Can I have a refund please?

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And it being acknowledged with no fix is NOT an answer to the problem. 

I’m having this same issue. Any updates on a fix?

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Nothing.  I am hoping the next release resolves it, and that should be soon.  They seem to appear once a month at the moment.


One “fix” i have used is to remove the Stereo pairing.  Not ideal but it works ok for parties, less so for solo listening as i miss the stereo soundstage.