Move on Sonos Network

  • 6 December 2020
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It seems I’m stuck. Sonos has worked well for years with my sonos connect hard wired and everything else connecting via this. 

this summer I purchased a Move for the only room without sonos in it and have just had problems since as so I’ve found out, it doesn’t connect to the sonos network. I have to have range extenders or the like or I simply don’t get Wi-fi coverage throughout the house. I have a DrayTek router supplied by work for VPN so that can’t be changed. From what I’ve gathered mesh Wi-fi (which the router supports) won’t work with sonos. So I’m stuck with one room never being able to stream the same time as the others, which to my mind is the main reason I went with sonos to begin with. 

why doesn’t move support the sonos network?

Any other ideas about what I can try? I can’t even buy a boost as this is fir sonos network I gather. 

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4 replies

Move is WiFi only. As a portable device it could have introduced potential instability if it had been a fully fledged participant in the SonosNet mesh, since the topology would have needed to recalculate whenever Move was re-positioned or removed from the home. 

Have you actually tried connecting Move to your extended WiFi network? It may work okay.

If you’d rather not chance it on your extenders I suggest you get a WiFi access point and wire it to the Sonos device closest to the room where the Move lives. SonosNet will thus provide the connection for the AP, and the AP will provide a local WiFi signal for the Move. This is a solution which works well for me, in a room where SonosNet has coverage but the router’s WiFi is weak.

Sadly on the extended Wi-fi it doesn’t work properly. It falls over if I try to play to multiple speakers. 

so this means the move is next to useless to me. I don’t understand why it doesn’t work on the sonos network when everything else does. 

it was purchased for bbq etc in the summer so we could have music linked through the house and into the garden. If it’s going to be used solely as a standalone speaker then I may as well have stuck with my Bose. 

very disappointed, I wouldn’t recommend anyone buys a move. 

You don't appear to have read a single word of the first and third paragraphs of my post. 

I did try what you suggested.  It doesn’t work. 

I haven’t purchased an AP that is true, but I can’t see how that will work, plus the play 3 that I can connect it to is floating on a bracket on my kitchen wall so adding an AP would just be ugly as I’d have a floating speaker, AP and power adapter all plugged in to an extension lead as it only has a single socket specifically to power the play 3.