Move Bluetooth with no private WiFi/setup

  • 16 January 2021
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I have a factory reset Move (flashing green) and am unable to set it up due to not having a private network (the wifi I use is a public network with both a username and password required to log in). Since I won’t be able to use it normally due to an inability to set it up, just Bluetooth functionality would be great. Unfortunately, the back switch button for Bluetooth does nothing – presumably because it is not setup.


Is there a way to bypass straight to Bluetooth functionality without the move itself being setup?


And if not, is there anything at all I can do with my Move, or is it just a brick until I can get to a private network?


Thank you so much,


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I do think you need a private network for the set up process. You could go to a friends house to do this, preferably a friend that does not have a Sonos system (as t not mix up anything. Or you could connect a travel router to the public network and make a private netwerk with that.