Move a Play 5 temporarily to a new WiFi Network

I have a home Sonos System with 2 Play 5's and a Play 3. The Play 3 is wired to my router. The controller is on a windows laptop. Our music sources are Spotify and Amazon. I want to enjoy our Play 5 and music sources while on vacation. The condo has wireless that is password protected. What do I need to do to have it work without destroying my current setting while on vacation and especially not impacting our home system when we return?

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The best solution is to get a travel router. This connects to the condo wifi and creates a dedicated network for you, which you could even zet up with the same SSID and password as your home network. If that is of onterest i can go into more detail later.
Google 'Netgear Trek N300 PR2000" for an idea of what i am talking about.
If you can connect to the condo network by Ethernet you don't need the travel router. Please confirm.
As an insurance, configure the PLAY:5 for Line-In Autoplay (to itself) before detaching from the home network. If needs be you can then always run a wire from the laptop's sound card or a phone's headphone outlet.
John, the router at the Condo is hidden and thus cannot connect via Ethernet. Also, we have already setup Autoplay feature as the backup. Let me look at the travel router and get back to you
John, thanks for the info. First,the NetGear Trek is hard to find, would the TP-Link Nano work? If so, can you give me some basic setup instructions? Also, can I verify setup at home before we go?
Hi. Don't know about that one, but one of the other frequent contributors to the community, @Chris, recently got one of these and is happy with it:

To set ithe travel router itself up I shall defer to the product instructions.

To get it to work with your Sonos, and to be able to test it at home, I would do the following (this is influenced to some degree by the fact you have a wired component). (In fact, some of these steps may be strictly unnecessary, but they will be sufficient.

1. Set up the travel router (TR) as per instructions. Make the SSID and password for the travel router network different from your home set up (this will make testing easier)
2. Swap the P:3 wired to your router with the P:5 you want to take with you so that it is the wired component. That is, take the ethernet cable out of the P:3 and into the P:5.
3. Wait 5 mins to let the system configure itself, then check you can play through all speakers.
4. If all OK then power down all speakers.
5. Connect the travel router wirelessly to your home network as if your home network were a public wifi network, or hotel wifi, or condo wifi!. This is what a travel router does.
6. Connect the P:5 that was ethernetted to your home router to the travel router instead. Leave the other speakers powered down.
7 Power up the Play:5. I think your controller apps will connect happily to it once you have connected them to the travel router network. You might need to reset the controller and then get it to join an existing system but I don't think so.

To get back to normal:

1. Power down the P:5 and the travel router.
2. Ethernet the P:3 to your home network and power it up.
3. Wait 5 minutes then power on the other speakers, back in their normal locations
4. Put controller app(s) back onto home network
4. Check all back to normal.

In the condo you can plug the travel router into power close to where you want the speaker and configure it to connect to the condo wifi (no different from connecting a laptop or phone). Attach P:5 by Ehernet to travel router, power up, Connect app devices to travel router network. Enjoy!

I hope I haven't forgotten anything! It's not as complex as it appears. I'd love to know how you get on.
Fantastic info. I'll let you know the results.
Simpler solution that i think will work. Get the travel router set up and connected to home router. Take the ethernet out of home router and into TR. Connect an app to TR network. Take the 3 and 5. 3 wired and 5 wireless as at home.
Further thought. Even with the simpler solution you should power the speakers off and on when you move them from home router to travel router. Obviously that will happen when you take them to the condo!

Tip. Travel routers often have several "modes". Mine can also act as a wireless extender for my home network. You do NOT want to let it do that when you are testing. You have to pretend that your home network is a public wifi hotspot, or the condo wifi.
John, configuration worked at home. Will let you know if it's party time at the condo.
Thanks for posting back. Good to know it's so far so good. It should be fine. If you are really risk averse then you could see if a friend or family member will let you try it out at their place abd give you their wifi details.

When are you heading for the condo? Have a great vacation.