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  • 7 December 2016
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I tried to start a new thread on the Troubleshooting board. On submitting the message, I got the error:

"Your message is not considered appropriate. Please contact a moderator to check what could be the cause of this."

What causes this? I did newly register. Are new users blocked from starting threads?

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5 replies

They are blocked from posting spam, phone numbers, links, and other stuff. This forum was inundated with Spam a few weeks ago. They've gotten strict on the new logins. Contacting anyone with Sonos under their login will clear it up.
My post contained no links and no phone numbers. (Text is below so admins can look at it.)

Dear admins, an error message that makes me go chasing around the forum trying to figure out who to contact and how isn't very helpful. I looked for sticky messages explaining this (e.g. New users can't post for 24 hours, or somesuch) and didn't find this offhand. Can you please edit the error message to contain a link that lets the user contact the admins? Or just let the post be posted but subject to admin approval?

original post text:

I'm trying to add a new player. I'm running v7.0 Build 34735161 on my iPhone (iOS 10.1.1). When I select Settings > "Add a Player or SUB", the app says "Sonos app needs updating" and when I click the red [update] button, it sends me to the App Store. But there is no update available; the App Store only offers to [Open] the app, shows the app was updated earlier today, and no further app updates are available.

I've force-quit the app and restarted it, and also restarted my phone, to ensure the new version is actually running.

[To be clear, this problem has since been resolved--the players needed updating, not the app itself. The app seems to have a bug that flags the wrong update.]
Firmware on the players seems to be out of sync with the app. Make sure you update your devices as well as the app.

Incidently, the filter may have flagged all those numbers as an attempt to disguise a phone number. As I said, the forum was inundated with Spam advertising a fake support number scam. They took to disguising the phone number using characters, letters, parenthesis, etc, so the filter had to be made pretty intolerant.
Whoops, missed the last part. Glad you got it resolved.
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BTW, it may have been all of the numbers in your post (in some countries, phone numbers are 8 digits (the build number) or they use.periods to separate them for appearance purposes (i.e. 7.0, 10.1.1)). Fortunately the filter learns, so the fact that your re-post here went through should indicate that all is well now.