mDNS name showing up intermittently on one Sonos player

  • 20 August 2018
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  • Anonymous
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Hi I just have a quick question since I'm not an expert with Networks. Every now and then one of my Sonos devices shows up with a mDNS name whereas the others sonos speakers don't. I have a LAN scanner (lanscan) so as to make it easy when configuring DHCP reservations. While completing a scan I noticed that sometimes one of the players has a mDNS name and I don't know why and just wanted to make sure this wasn't a problem or something more. This morning the Playbase was showing up with the mDNS name. Previously I think I've seen the Play5 also do so. My setup: I have quite a few Sonos speakers >20 for a large multi story house and they all run on sonosnet with dedicated wifi channel 1. They all have DHCP reservations assigned as well. I also use Apple Music (both from Sonos app and Airplay 2) as well as Amazon music (occasionally). Going back to the Playbase..I rebooted it and the name goes away?

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