Mac OS Sierra Connection Problems--works in Safe mode...not in normal mode

  • 4 January 2017
  • 7 replies

Hey folks. I've got a 2015 MBP that allows me to install the SONOS software but cannot "see" (establish) a connection with my Sonos devices...unless I'm in SAFE mode, then all works. I've confirmed that my router has a connection with the device, and my iPhone/ipad/windows desktop all connect flawlessly. Sonos chat, while helpful, thinks it's an Apple issue...Apple recommends a full reinstall of Mac OS to see what will happen...before I endure that pain, I thought I'd see what the wonders of magical Sonos brains can come up with. Any help is appreciated, and very much so....

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7 replies

Wrong thread.
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hunh... I'm a mac guy... my whole house is Sonos and Mac.... well mostly... I just replaced my time Capsule, but that is another story. I

can't figure what could be the problem unless your MBP is somehow connected to a different segment of your network for some reason so it can't see the Sonos products in tone of the scenarios? I've never personally had a problem with a router not passing a communication from 5Ghz to 2.4, but I understand that some routers do have this problem and there is clear evidence of it on this message board/community... are you connected, perhaps, to a 5Ghz on your MBP in normal mode?, but not on the other devices? or Safe mode?? maybe? Just a random thought that somehow you may be connecting to a segment of network that can't get to the Sonos devices...
SHARKB8T--thanks...I worked through that already, and had already renamed my 5Ghz and 2.4Ghz portions of my home network. No joy. I may try daisy chaining another router to my current one, creating another wireless network, and going from there. If I may, would a bridge help?

jgatie: whatever.
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Hi emj,

If you connect any one of your Sonos products physically with Ethernet cable to your router, you will enable the Sonos products to create their own mesh network (called SonosNet). This way all of the Sonos internet traffic is routed through the one device... this is what a bridge does... or the Sonos Boost (apparently with improved wireless signal strength...)

I would start with connecting one Sonos product to your router and see if your MBP and other devices can get to the system when connected.... if it can, then something in the wireless is likely the problem... and if you don't want to keep a speaker wired, a boost may solve your issues.... if you MBP still can't connect to the Sonos system.... then it would likely be something in the MBP that seems seriously screwed up. (A very Technical term). 🆒

Again, I thank you for your input. I tried that as well--the router delivers an IP to the wired speaker, but my MBP cannot see it. I've got a buddy with a near-identical MBP that I will try to connect with, and if his does, then I'll do a clean install of Sierra and see what comes from there (barring any other ideas from folks like you!). I really do want a whole-home, mac-based system setup that draws files from a Networked Attached Storage. Getting this baby to recognize the device is step #1!

Thanks again....a good deed "check mark" for 2017 for you...karma...
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You have probably done this, but before I'd do the whole OS, I'd be sure I deleted and reinstalled the Sonos software on the MBP.... good luck.
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Double check any firewall software you have on the computer, including Mac's built in firewall. You may want to disable any/all of them to test.