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It should not be this difficult! Could someone - Sonos support?!! give a really simple way how to add iTunes library from a Mac to Sonos. Yes, there are many discussions on the topic but not really a hands on answer for a layman. Hec! why should I know whether the path is \\ or //... My problem: when trying to add the library through the desktop app, the app returns "can not find your computer" etc... From the discussion forums I see this is a common problem, but there is no descriptive and pedagogic hands on resolution how this should be done!! For instance: there is no place for replacing the computer name with the IP address in the dialog boxes when following the music library setup!! Then the second alternative "Another folder or drive connected to my ..." basically gives you the opportunity to write the full path. BUT how do you combine \\'s and //'s ??? NO way. Please help, I would hate to throw my PlayBar out of the window - but I am pretty close to do so!!!

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If adding from the Mac Controller app, you shouldn't have to worry about slashes or names, you should just browse to the root music folder. Have you tried the instructions in this link:
Thanks jgatie, but this does not work. My Sonos returns with the prompt " the computer xxx can not be found" . It is actually this problem I need to find the solution. And further my \\'s and //'s are related to this problem. It seems to be that you have to be professional Mac/network support specialist to be able to do this - this should not be so!
At this point I would try contacting Sonos directly. It may have something to do with the settings on your Mac.
I think @jgatie is right but there may be something in this link that helps... or you may have already seen it.
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Also what is your computer name? Some characters can mess up sharing.
If you already consulted the mentioned article 2402 above, you may have been wondering if sharing files on your Mac with Sonos devices is a wise idea. In my humble opinion it is not for many reasons, one important being the availability of the music files at any time. Therefor, I would suggest to use a NAS. I am using a Synology NAS on which I have stored all my music files, including a copy of my iTunes library file. It works flawless and I can listen to all playlists without bothering about my MacBook. Hope this helps.
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el rubio: It works flawless(ly) How?
I have a similar difficulty in connecting an Asustor NAS (I know, very poor OS but it is all I have). Article 2402 does not touch upon NAS connections. The biggest problem appears to be the use of afp by mac. Do you use that to join your NAS if so how, if not how did you convert/switch the afp name to something else (smb?)
While my Synology NAS is configured to support smb, afp and nfs, I connect from my MacBook to the NAS over smb.
I just copy/paste my MacBook folders to the NAS and do not experience any conversion issues. To keep the folders synchronised between the NAS and my MacBook, I use freefilesync (
The Sonos device has been set up to read the iTunes directory on the NAS \\mysynologyNASname\music\itunes\
Just wanted to share that I have now my SONOS One and SONOS Beam running with a LaCie LaCinema Classic HD (firmware 3.28) NAS on which I have copied my iTunes library - the configuration on the LaCinema_HD shared disk is:
Quick start mode On
Standby mode 20 min
Media Server Off
Shared folder On
Auto login On

When adding the music folder on the network device I had to enter the folder path with a "\" (\\LaCinema_HD\LACIE\music\iTunes) which SONOS converted into a "/" (//LaCinema_HD/LACIE/music/iTunes) when I checked the Music Library settings in my Sonos controller for Mac.