Lower bandwidth when Android connected to SonosNet

  • 23 September 2017
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Having just discovered than an Android device can connect directly to SonosNet, I gave it a try on both a Nexus 7 (2013) tablet and a new Sony Xperia X Compact phone..

It's a cool thing to do since the signal between my four ZP80s covers a lot more territory than my wifi. However, when I test my bandwidth (Ookla) from either Android device, I get DL speeds of 17-20 Mbps when connected to wifi, and only 6-7 when connected to SonosNet. UL speeds are about 1.5 in both cases.

Is this normal, or is my SonosNet slow?

FWIW, the ZP80s are all in BOOST mode (WM:0). The wired ZP80 is on network 10.0.0.x whose wifi runs 2.4GHz on channel 11 and 5Ghz on 44. SonosNet is on channel 6. Meanwhile, network 10.0.0.x uplinks to network 192.168.1.x which provides internet access. (I.e. I run my own private network inside the AT&T network that provides Uverse service.) The 192.168.1.x network's wifi runs 2.4GHz on channel 1 and 5GHz on 161.

It will be great to get a signal beyond the reach of my wifi, and there any bandwidth will be better than none. But if SonosNet can somehow provide more than 6Mbps I'd love to hear about it.

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