Lot's of trouble since new update 8.1.

I've had my sonos for years. No issues.
Since updating the system has been almost unusable! No wireless interference whatsoever on the channels i am using. Losing rooms. Some rooms say they are playing but are not. Then will cut in and out as they please. Its been weeks now and still no fix. I see a lot of people are having the same issue as well. Anyone have a solution besides giving up on sonos all together?

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It sounds like your router has gotten confused and duplicated some IP addresses.

Best thing is to first go into router and assign new static IP addresses to your Sonos units. (if you don't know how to do this skip this part - but this is how you keep it from happening in the future with your network).

Then turn off as many and all network and wifi devices as you can on your network.

REboot router.

Turn back on your network devices one by one. This should hopefully let the router assign them good new IP addresses that are not overlapping and your system should respond normally again.
Connection problems which appear suddenly are often caused by network problems, not Sonos problems. The typical cause is duplicate IP addresses. These often show up after an update or power outage because a reboot requires the device to request a new IP, and the router, having lost track of current IP assignments, issues a new IP that is in use by another device. To cure this, do the following:

Reboot/power cycle your devices in the following order:

Switches or hubs
Wired Sonos units
Wireless Sonos units
Wireless devices - phones/tablets etc.

Allow each device to come back up before proceeding to the next. Note that you can permanently prevent duplicate IP addresses by assigning an IP to each device's MAC address in the router setup. See your router manual for details.
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I'm much faster then Mr. Gatie :)

At least we gave the same answer.


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