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  • 3 October 2019
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My Sonos system is as follows:
2 x Amps
1 x Play 1
1 x Play 5
1 x Zone Player

I have had these for a number of years and all has worked well until now. Since yesterday individual player have dropped off the list on About my Sonos System on Mac Controller. Sometimes they come back after a few moments or minutes, sometimes not. Players that appear to be connected keep dropping radio connection for a few seconds or a few minutes.

Can you advise on getting it back to working properly? I have tried rebooting the players, the router and reopening the app

My internet and general network is working properly.

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5 replies

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Are you likely to get interference from other wifi networks in the local area, which may be broadcasting on the same channel as Sonos ?

Try shutting everything down and then start by turning on wifi, MAC and then each speaker- check that each speaker comes up in the controller before turning on the next one. You said you've done this, but always worth trying again.

Are you running on wifi or Sonosnet- that is, do you have any Sonos component ethernet connected to your router?

Anothing changed in your system beyond the speakers- router, etc.

Anothing else likely to cause interference. I have a problem with the microwave and the fact that all my walls are concrete.
Thank you for that. I've tried turning everything off and on again but still have the same problems. Some of the speakers are connected by ethernet and some by wireless but all are affected and randomly i.e. not all at the same time.

What is new is a wifi extender in Access Mode in a shed at the bottom of the garden connected by ethernet. All seems well when I turn it off but the problems recur when it is on. Not quite sure what I need to look into in its settings etc. to sort the problem.
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If I recall, Sonos doesn't actually work very well with WiFi extenders, although it can be hit and miss- it works for some people, not others.

For example, I've had some success with the TP Link powerline adapters, as it's boosted some of my weak points, but I was advised on here that they may not work!

But before that I had another type that had no benefit at all.

So I can sympathise, but I'm not of much more help!
Thank you. But I'm not really wanting to use the extender for Sonos. It just seems to have had an effect on the rest of my system.
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It would have an effect on Sonos because it's going through your wifi, I think. An annoying side effect I think. Its generally extending your network in relays, rather than being a general boost to you entire wifi. So the impact of creating a relay might be to slightly degrade your wifi overall.