Lost connection to Apple Music

  • 4 November 2017
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Playing music on Sonos through one of our Apple Music accounts, and it suddenly dropped after an hour or so. Tried rebooting router and Sonos system to no avail. Dropped my Apple Music service, cannot add it back, and checking further cannot use other family members Sonos services. Any ideas? Submitted diagnostic information reference 8044632 if it helps.

Best answer by Ryan S 15 November 2017, 01:16

Sorry for the delay everyone. There was an outage on Apple Music that should now be fully resolved. If you're still having any trouble, I'd suggest that you give us a call on our support line.
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26 replies

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Sorry for the delay everyone. There was an outage on Apple Music that should now be fully resolved. If you're still having any trouble, I'd suggest that you give us a call on our support line.
I’m having the same issues. Music just stopping randomly and a message appearing saying it can find or connect. I have also tried various methods of trying to sort it out without success.
Diagnostic reference 872413
I’ve read lots of us are having problems but I can’t see any resolution from Sonos.... I’m new here so am I missing something here? or do Sonos just let us moan and take no action ???? As I’m actually looking for a solution !!
Also having issues with Apple Music. $6000 worth of sonos equipment and I can’t play my playlists ?????! Growing very frustrated.
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Adding my voice to the chorus. Apple Music not working well at all.
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Fucking Sonos. Pull your head out of your ass
Me too. Yo Sonos - Fix It!! Diagnosis 8071583
Same problem here
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Everything appears to have cleared up on its own, anyone else?
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Updated diagnostic 8045725 , cmon Sonos.
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I stand corrected, I thought it “self corrected”, it is still occurring. Songs skip, connection errors, song “not coded” errors. It still exits - what’s going on? Both in Apple and amazon
Aquatic, if resolved, please tell us how. I have literally spent a few hours on this today.
Yep. Same as it ever was. Haven’t been able to browse playlists for over a month, and now it won’t connect to Apple Music. I am looking forward to December.
Same issue with Apple Musix. Pandora is fine.
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Issue appears resolved
Sonos is not seeing all of my iTunes playlists on my iMac. Some are paid downloads, and others cds copied that I own. I have made playlists which don't show up. Running the LATEST version on iMac, iTunes, and Sonos. Very frustrating. Anyone else having same problem?
Google play not working as well
Same problem here... Apple Music working fine on iPhone and iMac but not through the Sonos kit. Tunein streaming BBC R2 without fault. It's just the Apple Music & Sonos combination, which is not working as it should.

Sonos 8.1.1
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I updated today to 8.1.1 and since then have had nothing but trouble. Both qobuz and apple music are really slow or I get an 'unable to browse music' message.
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According to other forums Spotify is having the same issue.
Anyone has this problem with google play as well?
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Update - now some of the Apple Music is working, just not consistently , still stops or errors out
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Must be a bigger sonos issue. Second this month, very frustrating
Same issue here with apple and google play, tune in radio works fine. Any ideas? My error mentions connect lost or cant play, but only in apple music and google play
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Same issue here with Apple and Amazon music, on connect and connect amp and sound bar, plays 1s. Happened 19 mins ago - rebooted everything with no luck including router and switch. “Song not coded correctly” also pops up Diagnostic 8044664
Same here