Lost Connection

  • 24 April 2017
  • 4 replies

my music keeps stopping. this is recent. Three calls to sonos support and the issue still not resolved. I even bought a sonos booster. i use iphone and ipad. please help advise me

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4 replies

Please could you provide a bit more info? What sources of music does this affect? Are there any it doesn't affect? Do you get any error messages? What actions did you try with Sonos Support? What Sonos components do you have?
Hello John I have 3 sonos connect units, one sonos amp and one sonos booster. It affects all types of music. The radio works perfectly. I occasionally get an error message to turn on my ipone or ipad, but these are usually on. With sonos i have changed channel and they reworked my anti virus setting. They say my wifi signal drops but it seems only to affect sonos, i now use a sonos booster. I hope this information helps. Thank you Raymond
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Hi Raymond, next time this happens would you mind submit a diagnostic from your Sonos system and replying back with your confirmation number? We'll take a look at it here for you. Do you notice this with any particular source of music over another?
Hello Ryan, i received good help this morning from sonos Tom, a sonos technical man. We are both hopeful he as sorted my problem out. It seems the frequency of my extender was causing difficulties.