Lost all channels on Sirius XM on Sonos App

  • 17 May 2020
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This started last week where I went to play a SiriusXM channel through the Sonos App on my iPad and went to Live Channels and none of the categories were listed like they usually are.  I selected All Channels and got “No selections are available.  I tried to sign out and switch to my other SiriusXM streaming account and got the same message.  No matter what iOS device I try I keep getting the same thing.  My SiriusXM account works fine through the SiriusXM app on my iPad so I am really  stumped on what is causing this.  Anybody have this happen to them or have an idea how to fix?  Thanks!

8 replies

I am having the same problem on my i phone.  Has there been a fix?  



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Same issue all weekend. 

Same here. 


I have had the SAME issue since late last week!  So frustrating.  I have rebooted my sonos system, I have removed my app from my iPhone and reinstalled, I have tried the Sonos app on my desktop and I still get “NO SELECTIONS ARE AVAILABLE”.


I also just found this, and it sounds like maybe Sonos is aware and the issue is in the process of being fixed.  Here is what I just now found:


SiriusXM - Browse Failure  - Partial browse failure

Identified - Some SiriusXM accounts are unable to browse on Sonos. SiriusXM continues to work on a solution to this issue.
May 17, 21:07 UTC

Investigating - SiriusXM has identified the issue and is working on a resolution.
May 17, 18:15 UTC

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Still have the same issue……..

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Sent in diagnostic reports

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It seems to be working now. Just after I posted, it started working.