Lost Access to ITunes Library

  • 5 December 2016
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I've searched and tried everything I could find, but my ITunes Songs can no longer be seen on Sonos.

I CAN see four new songs I purchased yesterday on ITunes, but the 10,000 other/old songs from ITunes and my old CD collection no longer show up on Sonos.

All songs, including the new ones are STILL ON ITunes and can be accessed/played thru ITunes no problem. Just an issue with Sonos and my music library.


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7 replies

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Where are they stored new ones vs old ones?
Same file location. I can see the new files and all the old files. ITunes sees/plays both. Sonos only sees the new ones.
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Check your Sonos app/controller is "pointing" to the location(s) as mentioned above in your "My Music" settings. Then run an Index of the music
Yes. Pointing in the right spot. Here is another funny twist - the songs are all on my Google Play Music. Obviously the purchased ITunes are not on Google Play Music, but all the old burned CDs are. It is the darnedest thing. I even uninstalled and re-installed ITunes and Sonos - but not sure I did a full wipe on that, looks like everything pointed back to where it was before. I need to figure out how to do a totally clean install on both tools again, maybe.
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I don't think removing iTunes or Sonos or both is going to help.

If Sonos isn't giving error messages when you select the folder for Indexing then either:-

1) You are pointing it in the wrong place

2) Files are in the wrong format and can't be played

3) I've assumed that it isn't an access issue as I expect an error message.

I'll be honest that I'm not getting a warm and fuzzy feeling that you are fully knowledgeable about the where your music is stored and that you have really ensured that Sonos is pointing at THAT location. The reason is when you say "The songs are on iTunes" that isn't helpful from a Sonos point of view - Sonos doesn't need iTunes - in fact it is irrelevant. You need to know where the music is - Is it on your PC, or a hard drive on the PC or on a NAS? (Sorry if this comes across as patronising, I'm trying hard not to be!)
MUSIC LOCATION IS E:\Dropbox\ITUNES\iTunes\iTunes Media on this work computer. MUSIC LOCATION IS C:\Dropbox\ITUNES\iTunes\iTunes Media on Home Computer (same Home Computer with Sonos Connected). I actually built my work PC, so I'm somewhat knowledgeable - but I certainly will not claim to be an expert so any help is welcome.

Now here is a twist, I did put the music into Google Play Music and maybe a cause of the issue. I put the music into Google Play Music to access on my new Pixel Phone - copied the files into Google Play Music - could that be an issue.

- All my previously UPLOADED CDs are playable Google Play Music via my PC at Work/Home. Also playable via Google Play on my Pixel Phone (or anywhere I have a Chrome Browser for that matter).

- Songs PURCHASED from ITunes are playable in ITunes on my PC at Home (don't have that at work) INCLUDING the four new songs. Songs PURCHASED from ITunes are playable on my wife's IPhone, including the four new songs.

I agree that something is either (A) not pointing at the right file or (B) getting indexed incorrectly. The Data is there, just need to access it. I MAY NOT know where these files are, but am pretty confident on the location....

I may try to add Google Play Music to Sonos tonight and have a feeling that that will allow access to my old CDs... but it would be nice to have it all either in ITunes or in Google Play Music and not some in one and some in another.

To close this out with my own solution:

- Putting the copied CDs into Google Play Music must have changed the format of the songs, now they are only available to be seen thru Google Play Music on Sonos.

- No longer can be seen thru ITunes.

Interesting, but the answer is the issue between ITunes Format and Google Play Music Format.