"Looping" when listening to NPR on Apple Music

  • 1 October 2016
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If this has been reported, can you link me to the message or ticket?

I started using Apple Music a few months ago. I have a Sonos network at home that has a bridge, a play:5, and a Play:1 (all of the devices are 18 months old or older, some significantly). If Sonos support wants serial numbers, or software versions, please contact me. As far as I know all of the devices have the latest software as I always update when prompted.

What I've noticed is that a few minutes into listening to NPR, the audio will jump back a few minutes in the program and repeat about 3 minutes of the broadcast. Lately I've noticed that this happens more than once if I am listening for a long time, although more frequently it seems like it is in the first 10 minutes of the broadcast.

I haven't noticed this same behavior listening to the local station on Radio by Tunein, although it is possible that it is happening and I just haven't noticed it.


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3 replies

Just to clarify, this is the NPR radio station that is on Apple Music that I am describing.
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Hello and welcome to the community, samh. Can you please wait for the problem to occur again and then submit a diagnostic of your system? Once you've done this, please reply with the confirmation.
This happens to me to! It drives me will loop and it takes a couple of times to notice due to the nature of talk radio. It only ever happens with NPR through Apple Music.