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Hello everyone. Have you tried following the steps djschoepel posted?
Same problem, only solution was to log on to Sirius account and reset passwords - same as joshasbury post...
If you are still having trouble please submit a diagnostic report and reply here with the confirmation number it gives at the end. Thanks!
Similar problem... says login or password incorrect, but they both are definitely correct. Diagnostic #1715096768.
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Paynter: Did you verify these credentials by logging into the SiriusXM website? Have you tried resetting the password, as others have suggested? The diagnostic report is showing a significant amount of wireless interference, but I'd rather first address the issue you brought up before digging too far into wireless connectivity.
Thanks Keith. I think it turns out it's not a technical issue... while I do subscribe to SiriusXM, listen to it daily in my car, and have an account that I can login to, it doesn't include the online streaming option. That might be good to clarify that for Sonos users...

Sonos is not really compatible with "SiriusXM", it's compatible with "SiriusXM Streaming". Correct?
Wasn't sure if its better to bring up this 1 year old thread or start new one. Since my symptoms match some of the issues posted here, I'll extend this thread.

Just this evening I started getting login errors to SXM. Been a Sonos + SXM user for nearly 5 years and I haven't had this specific issue occur to date. I have changed my SXM streaming password multiple times this evening and removed SXM from the Sonos Music Services but can't add it back. I can listen to SXM via iOS and web, so I know the password I am changing is taking effect.

My diagnostic confirmation number is 1816768350.

I am stuck at adding back SXM to Music Services and when entering some user/pwd as iOS and web app am getting "Account Not Found".

Unsure of next steps in troubleshooting as SXM iOS/Web work fine.


EDIT: I changed not only my SXM streaming password but also username to test if that was reason, but same result, via Sonos Add Music Service getting Account Not Found. But able to stream via web and iOS.
Same issue as above; solved. Here's the deal. The login (username and password) you use for getting into SiriusXM overall is not necessarily the same as what you need to add SX service to Sonos. Log into SX website, go to My Subscriptions tab. I've got 5 different subscriptions across numerous vehicles. Only 2 are "All Access" though, and those are the ones that allow streaming. If you've an All Access subscription, note that it has its own User Name. And adjacent to that, a blue link to "Update Username/Password". When you ad the SX service into Sonos, you use the Username for whichever subscription has the All Access, and that corresponding password (which you can change to match your overall password if you like). Once I entered the username and password for the actually All Access subscription, wallah Sonos took it and all good.
Same problem here. Initially it was working fine. Then i bad to change my sirrus password. Of course then sirrus setvice stopped eorking on my sonos but after trying to put in my password several times as well as removing my service and readding it I still dont have any luck. I am a software enginer and know my way around these things.
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I believe SiriusXM's username is case-sensitive (the only service in the world I know of that does that). The last time I changed my password, the username was pre-filled all upper-case (I didn't change it), and I wasn't able to log in without entering my username in all-caps.
Same issue. Trying to add Sirius XM Service to SONOS app. In SONOS app I get “Error Your username or password is incorrect. Please try again.” I have an active “All Access” Sirius account. I can stream XM from the XM app. I can login to the Sirius website. I’ve changed my password and the “Additional Streaming” password on the Sirius site. Pretty much tried everything on this thread. I don’t know how to get a “diagnostic code” all the links on this thread are bad.

Please help.
I cannot add SiriusXM app to SOnos either. I am getting "Error We are sorry, but something went wrong. Please try again."
My diagnostic number is 114218006. I also can't add iHeart Radio.
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I've got the same issue. Tried deleting and re-installing Sirius and still no luck. Getting an error message that says my account has been temporarily disabled, but it works on my phone and computer. (Before I re-installed Sirius I was getting an error message that said my username or password was incorrect.) Just ran a diagnostic - confirmation no. is 798529875. Please help. Thanks.
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Update: now it's saying my username and password are incorrect - but they're not.
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Another update: I changed my password on Sirius (several times) and eventually got it to work on Sonos. All is well now.
For me what worked was removing the account from the Sirius app on my phone, then adding it again as a new one.
I first tried with my username as it appears on my streaming account (combination of lower and uppercase letters) and that did not work.
When I changed to ALL CAPS in my username, worked perfectly... Good luck!