List of Movies with Dolby? (Slightly DTS related, lol)

Hi all, (4K Movies specifically)

No I didn’t do my research, but have a small room and find the Beam is super, so am sticking with it.

I have a few movies on my hard drive which I have needed to re-download as long as I can find Dolby versions….

I could just change my LGTV sound settings to ‘pcm’ rather than ‘auto’ for every DTS movie, but that’s a slight drag.

Don’t want to focus 100% on one title, but as an example I’ve been looking for the original Alien movie, but every 2160p example I can find has DTS. So I was wondering if there is a website or source which lists movies that have Dolby sound?

May be a long shot but thought I’d ask anyway. Thanks

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OP here - I guess knowledge and hence questions are building…. So AAC can be Dolby 2.0 or 5.1? According to a 1080p version of the last jedi im watching, the file says aac and the sonos app says dolby 5.1…. Is that right?


Same original question applies really -  trying to get the sweet spot of 2160p AND dolby/aac or whatever, instead of seemingly either one (2160p) or the other (dolby digital).

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Plex and Kodi can decode DTS to DD. I use these….

Plex and Kodi can decode DTS to DD. I use these….

Interesting! Thanks