Lip Sync Issues

Hi I just recently purchased the Play 3 bundle (Play Bar, sub, and two play 3 speakers) and I’ve been having trouble getting the sound to sync with the TV.

I have the Play bar hooked up directly to my 65” LG C7 OLED TV using an Optical cable and Ethernet cable connected to the router and the rest of the speakers via WiFi.

I never had this problem with my Bose sound system. Also, when I disconnect Sonos completely and just use the TV’s internal speakers, everything works perfectly.

Not sure what the issue is... I have tried using different cables and re-adjusting all the options on both my TV and Sonos... Still no luck...

I really hope I can get this issue resolved quickly since I only have 2-weeks left to return everything and get something else...

Any support would be greatly appreciated!


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