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  • 31 January 2017
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I have my Cable box hooked up to my Sony Bravia TV through an HDMI chord. Then from the TV to the sonos Playbar, I have a toslink optical cable. Because of this set up, the video is running faster than the audio from my sonos speakers This is causing a lip sync delay when watching TV. I already checked and my TV doesn't offer the functionality of delaying the video. And I know Sonos offers the ability to delay the audio for syncing purposes but I don't need to delay the audio, I need to delay the video.

What can I do? How can I speed up the audio or delay the video?

Best answer by Stuart_W 31 January 2017, 09:19

Check your cable box - I'm sure that will have a delay setting. It may be set to delay the audio already
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3 replies

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I am having the same problem, I don't know what to do. I've been using a Sony Bravia 49X850B and also a 64 inch version of the same TV, for quite some time using the built in speakers. No lip sync issues that way at all. However, I recently purchased a Sonos 3:1 system and now the lip sync delay through Sonos is very bad. I would like to know if Sonos is introducing a delay to audio. I have read in one place that it might introduce 70ms of delay and another place I read 30ms of delay. 70ms in particular is going to be quite noticeable in terms of lip sync.

Sonos has an adjustment to delay the audio even more, but the audio is already late, so that won't help.

The Sony Bravia TV doesn't seem to have any settings related to lip sync or audio or video delay that I can find. Does anyone know of any secret settings somewhere for this?

I have heard that using an external HDMI switch with optical audio out may be a solution and I'm willing to go that route if someone can reccomend an affordable solution for it.

Also I am wondering, if I put both the SUB and SOUNDBAR onto wired ethernet directly to the router, avoiding wifi, will the 70ms latency needed by Sonos be reduced? Eventually I want to have some other wireless sonos devices in my home, and to use them, but I can probably assure that my TV room will only use a sub and soundbar, which could in theory be wired to a when I'm watching TV in that zone, no wireless needed, but when I'm playing music throughout the house, then some other wifi sonos devices would be involved and obviously for that multi-zone situation, then the increased latency would be needed for wifi.

Just asking... currently...sonos is not usable for me as a TV audio device with this lip sync problem. But I don't know where the audio delay is coming from...from sonos wifi...or the TV...or both....
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No, I just checked with the cable provider and the box does not delay audio nor does it allow me to delay the video. So that won't work.
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Check your cable box - I'm sure that will have a delay setting. It may be set to delay the audio already