Line-In From Turntable Randomly Cuts Out

  • 27 June 2020
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I just upgraded to the new Sonos controller, which also required me to remove the now-obsolete Bridge. I have two Play:5s configured as a stereo pair and connected to a turntable. Since the upgrade, I am dealing with multiple “dropouts“, sometimes during the playback of a single side of a record. The sound simply goes dead, and I have to go into the controller and re-select Line-In. I un-paired and re-paired, but that is not solved the problem.


Any thoughts?

8 replies

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Hi @ejduncan, thank you for reaching out and getting our attention to this.

Since we now remove the Sonos bridge from the system. I would need to check your network setup, your router’s model, and what’s connected to it. 

I would like you to also submit a diagnostic. So, we can take a closer look at your Sonos system overall.

Here’s how: Settings > Help & Tips > Submit Diagnostic.

Any additional information will help us isolate the issue.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.




Thanks for the reply. Diagnostic done and submitted (confirmation number: 1731588025). I have done a network refresh as Airgetlam suggested, but the problem persists.


We use an Aciontec T2300M modem/router, which then goes to a Linksys Velop AC2200 mesh system. Before the switch to S2 and removal if the Bridhe, we had no issues, and have not moved anything or introduced any potential source of interference. 

Looking forward to your help!



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Hi @ejduncan, thanks for the update.

I reviewed the diagnostic, the two play:5 are connected to two different access points. 

I would like to know how far apart are they from one another.

I would also like to test while playing in the Sonos app for other music sources, you also experience this issue.

I would like to know as well when rebooting your network you also included the satellites of your mesh system.

I also checked your network, we don’t have a known issue with your network devices.







Thank you. That is very strange that they are on different access points. They are maybe 45-60 cm apart, as you can see here:


I will play another music source through the app tonight to test run its performance, but one strange thing is that the pair (called Phono L) sometimes appears in one app but not another, at the same time. For instance, it shows in my S2 controller on the phone, but not the MacBook Air. I have added a couple of shots to show you what I mean:



The only part of your message I didn’t understand was this: “I would like to know as well when rebooting your network you also included the satellites of your mesh system.” Does that mean that I should power them down as well? I did NOT do that during the refresh, but it would be easy to do.


Thanks again - your attentiveness is really helpful.



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Hi @ejduncan, thank you for the update.

Yes, when rebooting the mesh system it also includes the satellites. So all of them will be in-sync.

For the screenshot, yeah the two Play:5 being connected to two different access points while those access points are not in-sync can cause that issue.

I want you to reboot the mesh system. Start with unplugging all the mesh points.

Then when booting up, completely boot up the main mesh point first, and then boot the satellites.

Tell us how it goes.

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Hi @ejduncan 

Judging from your initial post you had a Bridge in your Sonos. Although it is obsolete and was not causing problems when you were on Sonos S1 controller it (the Bridge) was most likely the glue that held your Sonos in tact by creating the SonosNet for Sonos. 

I would suggest you either wire a speaker to reestablish the SonosNet or purchase the Sonos Boost that has replaced the Bridge.  Below are two links you may find helpful.

Remove a Bridge

Switch between wired and wireless setup





Hi Kyle A. The system reboot has not solved things, unfortunately. I rebooted as suggested, including starting with the main mesh point before its satellite.


Once rebooted, I started with streaming (Spotify) to the Play:5s from the MacBook S2 app. While the music started properly, I couldn’t adjust volume with the app, nor could I do so with the volume buttons on the speakers themselves. While at the speakers, I also tried to pause playback using the buttons on the speakers, but it was unresponsive. In other words, the music continued, and did so at a constant volume.

I then opened the iPhone app to see if I could change things from there. Initially, and for a few moments, it showed the Play:5s (grouped as a pair under the name “Phono L” like this:

The speakers then disappeared and a moment later showed up properly. At that point, the music volume went up and down quite wildly and then paused and started, almost as though “catching up” to what I had been doing at the speaker itself (trying to turn it up and down, pause it, etc.). 


Since then, streaming has worked from both apps, though with both apps, there is a lag / time delay of a second or two between changing volume, starting and pausing. This is also new since switching to S2.


I moved from streaming to vinyl, which is where I first noticed problems. The turntable is wired to the right Play:5 speaker. Unfortunately the “drop out” happened again, where I lost all sound. I have to go into the app and “tell” it to select Line-in to get the music to play again.

I sent in another diagnostic, under Confirmation Number 105212018.





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Hi @ejduncan, sorry for the late reply and thank you for the update.

I reviewed the diagnostic and the Play:5s are still using different access points.

I would go with @AjTrek1 as the next step. To prevent the Play:5s not using different access points, we need to establish SonosNet again.

SonosNet behaves similarly with a mesh system. In this case, the Players themselves become the mesh node. 

You can either wire a player to the main mesh router or upgrade to the Sonos Boost.

If you want to upgrade the bridge to a boost, I would suggest calling our sales team.

You may call them on this number: 1-800-680-2345 and they’re available from Mondays to Friday, 10 am - 8 pm EST.

If you have other concerns, feel free to reach out.

Note: @AjTrek1, thank you for the suggestion.