Line In from Connect cuts out intermittently when played on playbar and surrounds.

When playing vinyl or even ipod on Line In on Connect the sound cuts out intermittently when played on playbar and surrounds (play 1's). This occurs when the Connect is using either wireless or physical ethernet cable. I tested switching audio compression, setting Line In to Airplay with no success. I have also verified that the sound does not cut out when playing Pandora from controller or watching a movie. This only occurs when using the Connect.
I have uploaded the controller diagnostics : 8277423

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Hi, loonybin88. Welcome to the community. I've got a few things for you to do which I strongly suspect will get this running far better for you. Firstly, please change the Sonosnet channel to 1. Next, stay in the Advanced Settings, but go to Wireless Setup. Tap Next . You'll notice three things, the name of your Wireless Network, a box for the Password (Do Not enter this). You'll see a Reset button. Please tap this. Lastly, if this does not help, you'll want to change the Line-In compression settings (scroll down). Keep us posted.


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