Line in component query

  • 11 October 2016
  • 2 replies

When playing my vinyl via the connect unit to my playbar, I used to select "line in component" in the app and I was good to go until I decided to switch the source. Now when I play a side of vinyl, I have to press the play icon on the app before I can hear any music, then have to repeat the process for side 2 and any subsequent vinyl I want to play in a session. This never used to be the case. I simply selected line in and hit the play icon once. That would stay as play until I physically changed it on the app. I'd like that back, as it's a real bummer to have to hit play every time you turn the record over.
Any advice out there in SonosLand?

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2 replies

Somehow the Autoplay function got switched in the line-out settings. Go to Settings->Room Settings->(room with line-in name)->Line-In Settings and set the Autoplay function to on. You can also set the default room for Autoplay, if you wish it to be different from the room with the line-in attached.

See this link for details:
That worked. Thanks for the advice. It's greatly appreciated