Line-in audio drops on Connect with wired connection, only dialogue from TV

  • 6 February 2017
  • 2 replies

I have a Connect with a wired connection directly to my home router, and a line-in connection to my TV. Frequently when playing content on the TV (OTA HD, streaming HD video from NAS, Netflix, etc.) the audio will drop out for several seconds. I don't have this issue when playing music from my local collection on the same NAS or from Spotify. Turning on compression isn't an option because then the audio is out of sync with the video. Some further info: the TV is sending PCM using the RCA inputs on the Connect.

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2 replies

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I would submit a diagnostic via settings...advanced and post here for Sonos to look at your network. It sounds like your network is getting bogged down. what router do you have. Post the diagnostic number here.
I actually think the issue is thermal throttling on the part of the processor in the Connect. My Connect was sitting on top of my Xbox One, and last night I moved it off to the side in confirming connections and other troubleshooting. Tonight I was unable to reproduce the issue, regardless of source. Now this is an issue that has been occurring for more than a year, and fairly consistently. Unfortunately I didn't have enough time / awake hours to positively confirm by putting it back on the Xbox, but I will tomorrow.

If that does prove to be the issue, it seems pretty odd. The thermal profile of an Xbox is basically in line with other AV equipment you would expect a Connect to be stacked with. My shelving is open on all sides, so there is no airflow issue. It must be some thermal throttling on the processor in the Connect. I'll confirm tomorrow by moving the unit again.

FWIW, my router is an RT-AC68R. With a 300Mb internet connection I have clocked speeds through the rougher in excess of 10MB/s, which is plenty to support the bandwidth of an SD show on Netflix, or anything else I've thrown at it. The perf logs on the router support this.