Library suddenly only updates to "M"

  • 19 September 2019
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My library is suddenly only giving me access from 'A' through to the beginning of 'M'.

My library is not at the 65k limit, I recently had smooth access all the way to "Z"

I have updated the music library several times, one occasion I got the rest of the library back, but it disappeared a short time later.

any ideas?

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17 replies

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Had you done anything with the library before this happened. Also might be worth submitting a diagnostic and posting it on this thread.
Have done thanks. 1431137419

Yes, there has been a change.
My entire library is on an SSD in the USB of the router.

Works great, faster than my dodgy old NAS. And I did have the whole library for a short period a couple of times?

I haven't seen any failed/incomplete messages or anything. Library indexing just quietly finishes without fanfare as normal.

Macy Gray is the last entry, every time. (except those other times)
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Did you remove the old location as well as add the new one?
Make sure you didn't just delete the files (which may have just moved them to a recycle bin that could still be indexed.)
Yes, I removed it.
In fact I removed this one again today and started afresh just to se if that worked.

I only have one library location.
sorry, when you say delete, do you mean remove the share path from sonos?
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Are all the files on that SSD accessible via you PC/Mac and how big is that SSD?
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I didn't mean that but if that is what you have done then Sonos won't see it anyway.
Make sure there isn't a hidden folder or an unintentional cooy/paste hasn't duplicated lots of files within the same folders.
Oh I see.
I've just pulled it out, plugged into PC and had a look.
its a 250GB SSD, the folder in question is about 100GB and 14,000 files.

I am accessing them from my android over the LAN, and playing files OK from the missing folders.
Well i'll be damned.
after popping the SSD back in the router, and re-indexing the library just for the hellavit, the whole library is once again showing and playing successfully.

I have been here before though, only to find later on that the library has 'halved itself' all over again.

However, very pleased to have M-Z again.
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Keep us posted!
Will do.
Thankyou for the replies.
Hi again,
my library has faithfully chpped itself in half again, and now stops at M.
I have submitted another diagnostic, 802237644.

One quirk, is that in one of my rooms, there is a track queued up from the missing part of the library ('U')
the track still plays, but I can not browse to it.
Have you added or edited any tracks recently? Stray characters can fluster the indexer. While processing, the indexer simply asks the file system for a list of files, then works through the list. It is possible that the list order changes from run to run (you have no control over this order) and the stray character is encountered at "M" on one run and "Z" on another run. Even though it appears that all tracks are processed because of "Z", there could still be a few tracks missing. Another possibility is that something stalls or is going into sleep mode after nn seconds, resulting in a timeout, and this catches the indexer at "M".

As you select tracks, they are added to a "Queue" built in that player. The Queue is a list of file names. If the library is corrupted, the Queue might still be valid. I say "might" because if you move the library to another drive, existing Queue entries will be invalid, but newly added entries will be valid. This could explain why tracks will play on Library (from its existing Queue), but not on other rooms.

During the indexing process one player takes charge, then copies the completed index to the other players. Due to networking issues, a copy might be corrupt.

Go to http://[x.x.x.x]:1400/support/review. [x.x.x.x] is the IP address of a player. You can find player IP addresses from "About My Sonos System ...". Each player has an entry. After running the indexer go to Zone Player Info and look for a non blank entry in IdxTrk. You may need to pick through all of the players looking for a non blank entry, but my first choice would be Associated ZP: x.x.x.x at the top of "About...". If an entry is non blank, the indexer choked while processing this file. A common cause for choking is a stray character in the track metadata or file name.
Thanks for that info.
I haven't made any changes to the library for a long time, but I will look through that list and see what I can see.
Hi Buzz,
I checked out the player info pages, and found no non blank idxtrk entries, before or after indexing.

Indexing was going too fast though, it is never that fast and didn't seem right.
I noticed that auto indexing was setup for 2am, so unchecked that and indexed again, this time it went for a longer time, and completed the indexing with the full library.

No non blank entries for idxtrk afterwards.

If I leave auto indexing off, I wonder if it will stay stable now. perhaps the unattended indexing session is when my library wasn't completing properly for some reason.
Forgive me for jumping in, but that might indicate an issue with wifi interference. The theory in my mind is that at some point in the middle of the indexing, the Sonos device running the process is losing access to the location where your library is. Seems odd that it would always happen at the same point in the process, but it fits the situation.
Hopefully Sonos staff will check your diagnostic. The information that we can view in that support/review area is a tiny fraction of what is collected.

You can look at the Network Matrix at the bottom. Red cells indicate potential wireless communication issues. My own WiFi situation is nearly impossible (lots of red cells in the left column) in the 2.4GHz band. Fortunately, most of my players are wired. I can imagine, as Airgetlam suggests, that index times and success can vary if the indexer is running on a wireless player and conditions move against you.

It is odd that trouble strikes at 'M' so often.

How often do you update your library? There is no need to run the indexer unless something has changed. Note that the indexer is relatively intelligent. It keeps track of time stamps and will skip processing a file that has not changed since the last run. The initial run or a run after massive changes will require more time than a run after updating or adding a track or two.