LG soundbar (NB3530A), CONNECT & 2x PLAY 3's -----> Sync issue

  • 19 May 2017
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A friend of mine has just installed his Sonos system (2x PLAY 3 and 1x CONNECT - wifi connected, no BRIDGE or BOOST). The CONNECT is optically connected to the LG soundbar. When playing all devices in group mode, the output from the soundbar seems slightly out of sync from the PLAY3's. This is very annoying and spoils the whole experience.
We have run basic diagnostic stuff (e.g. looking for interference, channel selection, analogue vs. optical connection, reset of all devices, etc.). Wifi strength is great in all rooms (2x electrical system boosters in place).
I believe it is a communication issue between the CONNECT and the LG soundbar, but can not find any data in support or forum. Can anyone provide any information or better still guidance?
He plans to raise a call to Sonos support and submit a diagnostic.

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3 replies

The problem is not with Sonos. Sonos players are in sync at their own outputs. The LG soundbar is adding its own audio processing delay. This is not uncommon with soundfield processing. You may be able to minimise the delay if the bar has some kind of 'direct' option.
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I assume this is a product compatibility issue then? Please explain meaning of 'direct' option.
Is there any other solution that is feasible? For example, installing a bridge or a boost? Thanks.
You're missing the point. It's nothing to do with compatibility or the network connection. It's not under Sonos' control at all.

At the output of the PLAY:3s (the actual drive units which make the sound) and the output of the CONNECT (the optical connection), the two are in sync.

It's in the LG soundbar itself that delay is being added. That's why the audio from the soundbar and the audio from the PLAY:3s are out of step.

You need to find a way -- if it exists -- to stop the LG soundbar from delaying the audio.