LG OLED and Sonos Crackling - Potential Solution ?

  • 29 July 2019
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Wanted to share what I believe is a potential solution (or at least a workaround) to this annoying problem that I've been following, and have been suffering from for well over a year now … !

  • Sonos Playbar connected via Ethernet to a gigabit switch
  • Two Sonos Play:1 satellite speakers connected to Playbar over SonosNet
  • LG OLED55C6V TV connected to Playbar via Optical Cable
  • NVidia Shield running Kodi and Sky+HD connected to TV via HDMI+CEC
  • All are running the latest software / firmware with no hardware issues or interference
  • All completely legal playback sources, in case you're curious
  • At random intervals (15 to 30 minutes but sometimes not at all), when playing movies with 5.1 sound, the sound bar will start to 'crackle / rap', 'crackle rap', sometimes also dropping one or more of the satellite speakers audio completely for a few moments, and will continue until either the movie is paused and restarted or the TV is turned off / on again or will randomly clear itself after a few minutes. I also discovered that changing pretty much any of the sound settings on the TV would also stop the issue for a while.
  • Same issue with Sky+HD audio, but much less frequently
  • No issues like this with Spotify, Amazon Music, or my own music library.
Workaround / Potential Solution

On the TV:
  1. Turn "A/V Sync" on the TV under Audio Settings to Off (not just zero offset, but Off)
  2. Change Sound Output from "Audio Out (Optical/HDMI ARC)" to "LG Sound Sync (Optical)"
And lastly on the Sonos Controller app:
  1. Clear out the WiFi password
And that's it. After I made those changes, no more "crackle / rap" noises over the past few days and several hours of playback. And best of all, I didn't lose the surround sound by changing to PCM.

As they say …. your mileage may vary … but wanted to share as this appears to be working for me.

If this works for you, please do reply to this thread and hopefully bring this very long standing issue to closure for all LG OLED owners 😎

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