LG C9 OLED with Beam. Connected Through HDMI ARC. Air Pods play for 2 seconds then switches back to Beam.

  • 7 August 2019
  • 4 replies

I have my air pods and beam hooked up. Both work. But when I select the Air pods they play for 2 seconds and then revert back to the Beam. Is there a work around?

4 replies

Well I think I figured out the answer to my own question. With simplink on it will automatically turn the Beam on. So I have to go to settings on the tv, connection, HDMI and turn simplink off to use my bluetooth air pods. It is a workaround and not really hard to do. At least it is a solution. Now to figure out a way to listen with headphones and the sonos beam at the same time.
You're running in to the way that HDMI-CEC is designed to function. It's really not a Sonos thing, it's the folks who agreed to the HDMI-CEC spec.

I'm not a fan.
By the way, you could avoid the issue if you were willing to connect your Beam with the optical connection. That would remove it from activating the HDMI-CEC connection, and you'd have control of where your audio goes. You wouldn't be able to control the TV with the Beam, though.
Using the LG Magic Remote I can control TV volume up/down and mute, but I can no longer turn the TV power on or off! The remote setup automatically via LG Device Connector, TV automatically setup the device to work as a universal remote myloweslife