Left speaker will not work

  • 11 August 2019
  • 5 replies

When I use my Sonos laptop (and iPhone) app, sound will not come out of my R hand speaker (in my main living area). I have Bower and Wilkins stand alone front speakers in a 5.1 system. My outdoor speakers work fine with Sonos, but I can only get sound to come out of the L front speaker. All Equalizer settings are balanced. I have tried re-booting the entire system - no luck. The R speaker works just fine if I simply play using Airplay or a movie - it is only quiet when using Sonos.

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5 replies

Bruce - it is one of the output jacks on the Sony; thanks for the advice. Bob
Thanks - it must be a cable; I will check all of those and if no luck, I'll have to have the original Sonos retailer installer come out and check it.
I'll admit that there's so much information in your post that I'm confused.

You have a Bower and Wilkins speakers in a 5.1 system. How is that connected to Sonos?

You say you have outdoor speakers. How are they connected to Sonos?

Is this right hand speaker a Sonos speaker? What type? How is it connected to Sonos?

How are you sending a movie to this speaker? What's the connection between your TV and Sonos?

What's the source of the music you're trying to play when it isn't working? Seems like it's hard to suggest that it is wireless interference, if it's working while you AirPlay 2 to your Sonos.
Sorry - relatively new to Sonos. I only have Sonos speakers in my rear surround system and the 2 sets of outdoor speakers (hardwired to Sonos amps). I have a Sony receiver + the BW floor speakers. I have Control 4 and Sonos software controlling things. The front R speaker that does not play when using Sonos controller is a Bower and Wilkins. They too are hardwired.
The source of the music I play when not working properly is Pandora, Amazon Prime or from my iTunes music collection - all sources result in the R speaker being silent when using the desktop Sonos controller. I used to use iPhone Sonos app and all worked fine until Sonos took away the "On this Phone" feature, which is mostly what I would use. So I then moved to the desktop Sonos controller so I could play my music in my 3 different Sonos zones.
Hope that helps a bit and someone can suggest a fix.
Sorry, I'm still not following.

You have Sonos speakers in your rear surround system? What are they connected to? Do you have a Sonos sound bar of some type?

I understand the two sets of outdoor speakers on Sonos Amps....and for purposes of this discussion, I'm not sure we need to be dealing with them.

Nor am I familiar with i4 as a control paradigm, but as we're talking about speaker performance, I'm not sure it makes any difference. For testing purposes, I'll hope that you're using the Sonos controller, and once the system works the way we think it should be, we can introduce the additional variable of i4.

How is Sonos connected to the Sony receiver? You're saying that the Bowers and Wilkins speaker that's connected to the Sony receiver isn't working.

Since there must be some sort of connection between the Sony and the Sonos ecosystem, I'm going to guess that you have a CONNECT that is connected to your Sony receiver, and sends the Sonos stream to it. Since one speaker isn't getting a signal, I'd suggest that you check the cables between the analog output on the Sonos CONNECT and the input jack on the back of the Sony. It could be that the cable just needs to be pulled and re-seated, or it could be that the cable is broken, and needs to be replaced....or it could be a problem within the Sony.