leaving the beta_missing Advance settings HELP!?

I want to leave the beta program ... took 4 attempts to reset the sonos play 1 and then when I get to connect with the controller i can't add anymore services. in the troubleshooting it asked me to go to Advance settings... however it is missing

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To leave the beta, you must go to the Sonos beta site, login, unenroll from beta, then update your system. See this link for details:

I did that on the website
I even reinstalled the sonos app. T_T
i figured it out i had to restart my sonos device again 'holding Play + volume buton'
ah.. however it failed to connect to the controller again :(
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You probably have network issues. Switch router, Sonos and ALL devices connected to the network (phones, tablets, PCs etc) off.

Switch on router, wait a few mins
Switch on Bridge or Boost (if you have them). Wait a few mins
Switch on Sonos gear.
Switch on everything else

Hopefully that will see you right


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