Latest iOS Update Turned My SONOS Into Collection of Paper Weights

  • 27 October 2017
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I've been using SONOS for ~4-5 years now with little to no complaints.

Just updated my whole system and devices to the latest update for iOS and all the sudden nothing works.

Pandora won't work even though it stayed signed into my account.
Amazon won't work, even though it stayed signed into my account.
Songs won't play that are stored on memory in my iPhone 7.

When I try to play music, it might start the song 20% of the time, and 100% of the time it then skips audio at ~14 seconds and then just goes off. Then a few minutes later a different song that I hadn't queued up will play for a few seconds and then cut out. It's as if my SONOS has turned into dedicated power hour device.

Suffice to say, I'm not thrilled. I tried removing and re-adding my music services. Tried unplugging the SONOS bridge.

Nothing works. My internet speed is fine - I have fast service and regularly stream HD content on my TV.

I've never been more frustrated with SONOS, which is unprecedented for me.

HELP! Thanks in advance!


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1 reply

I've got a couple of suggestions, considering all the work you've already done. First and foremost, try rebooting your router. I've seen others in similar situations report that it worked, although I'm at a loss as to explain why. You've already rebooted the speakers and the BRIDGE, which it what I'd recommend that you do while the router is down, so that you end up with refreshed router IP reservations, but in this case, I don't think that's what's going on.

The second suggestion, and probably the most important one is to submit a system diagnostic, and post the number here, for the folks at Sonos to look at. There would likely be more concrete information in the log files that are submitted that would give their techs a chance to help you.