Latest app update has deleted my stereo pair of play:1's 6627991

  • 10 October 2016
  • 5 replies

After today's app update the system deleted the stereo pair in my kitchen and I cannot re-add them, it was working perfectly well before the update. I have reset the controller, added a new system and still not able to add the two play 1's back into the system.

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5 replies

Hi. The update didn't delete your speakers. What has probably happened is that when the speakers rebooted your router got confused over IP addresses. A complete reboot of your router and everything on your network would almost certainly have cured this. However, I'm not sure where you are now because I don't know what you mean by "adding a new system". I think it would be helpful if you elaborated on that.
Hi John, thanks for the reply. I tried resetting the controller and setting up the system as a new one but still had problems with the stereo pair - it found all the others.
OK so you are back where you were when the problem arose. I still think that a reboot of everything from here is the most likely solution. You might also try moving the speakers temporarily closr to the router to see if that makes a difference.

Do you operate normally with a Sonos component wired to your router, or entirely over your home wifi?
Further thought. Having set up as a new system, you may need to factory reset the kitchen pair to get them to add but please do not do so yet as that needs to be done with care. Having set up as a new system, have you already lost your playlists?
It didn't work john, I am out of the country now for a week, I will try when I get back to make it work