Last attempt to handle sound dropping from suspected network congestion

Hello - I live in an urban area with a lot of competing wireless networks that I suspect are causing the dropouts I have had ever since I purchased my Sonos system in 2014. I have a total of 4 Play3s, 2 Play1s, a Playbar and I never have been able to stop the constant dropping. Before I give up on this whole thing altogether, I wanted to try asking one more time about how 'doable' it was to fix this.

I have tried switching channels, changing the network after turning everything off, and everything I could find in these forums. Last year I tried diagnose this in a separate with what sounded to be a similar situation but it ended with no real answer. I was thinking about spending on a Google Mesh, but I hate to drop any more money into something that just seems so unfixable, and maybe it's just not a good sound solution for someone living in a downtown area like this.

At this point it's just growing worse, the drop outs are longer and more frequent than ever. This could be due to updates, or more congestion from wireless networks, or something else altogether.

If anyone has any ideas at all, please let me know. I would appreciate any feedback you might have.


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Have you submitted a diagnostic, and contacted Sonos for some recommendations?
Hey Bruce. Yes, I submitted a ticket with diagnostics, and they came back with a suspicion that either the wifi was weak or congested. My router is a pretty nice Netgear and my download speed is about 90 mb/s, so I came to the conclusion that it's most likely congestion.

Having said that I am still not certain if that's it, or what can be done.
Frankly, download speed would have very little to do with it, unless you had a 2400 baud modem. The "network speed" that is important here is your local LAN, not from your router to the outside world. Effectively, it's the ability for your speakers to reach your router, and vice versa. And if the last time you submitted a diagnostic was more than a couple of weeks ago, it would make some sense to submit a new one now, and post the number here, so that they're looking at current data, which might be different now (with other networks in the area) than it was some time ago.

Might be helpful for the folks who monitor these boards if you were to post the ticket number, so they can go back and see what's already been done. Mind you, they won't be back in the boards until Monday morning, EU time.
What is playing when it is dropping out? Are you streaming from the Internet or playing from your local library? If streaming from the internet, try playing from your local library and see if that drops out also. If that drops out, it is possible WIFI interference. I had WIFI security cameras that obliterated the 2.4 ghz band and made a mess of Sonos.

Definitely duplicate the issue and submit another diagnostic.

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