Large sections of music library missing after automatic library scan

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Hi all,

I’m reaching out as, unfortunately, Sonos support has been of little help with this issue.  I have a large music library on my local Synology NAS.  It’s been in use for years with no issues.  I have Sonos set to do an automatic re-scan of the library (using the built-in option) daily.  


About a month ago I noticed a large section of my library was missing from the Sonos app - mainly artists later in the alphabet - see attached screenshot.  I contacted Sonos support over chat and was told to try a manual update of the library and that fixed it - all of the artists reappeared in the app.  I thought maybe it was just a fluke and then later noticed, after the next automatic rescan, the artists had again disappeared.


I have now had 4 or 5 calls with Sonos support and it hasn’t been a great experience.  They have tried to suggest it’s a music tag issue (despite the fact the songs reappear after a manual library scan), they have told me “Just don’t use the automatic rescan” (despite the fact it’s a function in your software, not some hack I am doing), and the infamous “turn it all off and on again”.  


Other things that have been checked/confirmed:

  1. Support says my library is not over the ~65K track limit
  2. I have tried changing the times of the automatic rescan in case maybe the NAS was overloaded or something at a given time (no effect)
  3. Both Synology and Sonos are on current SW
  4. Sonos Boost is hardwired to router, all Sonos devices talking via SonosNet
  5. Have removed and re-added library, as soon as the first auto-rescan happens, music disappears again


Just found this which sounds like the same issue I am having, but no resolution was posted:



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Perhaps try removing the local library. Then powering off the Sonos device that is listed as the ‘associated product’ in the ‘About My System’ area of the Sonos App Settings.

Then, leaving that device powered off, add the library back/re-index and then power back on the ‘associated product’ and see if that makes any difference.

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Strange, it won’t let me re-add the folder with the ‘associated device’ powered off.  Once I powered that device back on, the library re-adds just fine.



  1. Support says my library is not over the ~65K track limit

Maybe not, but is it over the store limit? Your screen shows classical music, which takes up a lot more store than pop music.

Not saying that this is the reason, necessarily...

My initial ‘thoughts’ are that the library-index has perhaps been corrupted on the associated player, ‘possibly’ caused by bad/faulty ram memory on that device, but it’s just a guess on my part.

I would usually suggest a factory reset, but certainly only do that if you have another Sonos speaker setup in the same HH.

Note: Just as a warning, this might be the start of the device beginning to ‘fail’, so maybe expect the worst, but hope for the best, that’s if you do decide to try a factory reset (entirely at your own risk).

If you do have other Sonos players, then totally remove the library from the Sonos HH and reboot all players and/or the network router, but try again with the original associated player ‘powered off’.