Keeps cutting out

Hi, have set up 3 play speakers latest gen (2019) a beam and today set up a boost as well to enjoy the product that I payed for. (I wish I would have done research before buying sonos worth 1000+€) i have one largekitchen/living room space where i use two of the plays stereo. The right speakers isnt playing. The first couple seconds it does but then asta la vista. I changed to no stereo, same problem. Boost hasnt changed anything. The funny thing is that the speaker in question is right next to boost and router. All the other in different rooms work fine (so far). What should/can I do before I send everything back?

Diagnostic number 653080323

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Hi, PluscoolJoakim. Welcome to the community. This should be an easy fix. Start by changing your Sonos wireless channel to 6. Following that, go to Settings, Advanced Settings, Wireless Setup -> Do Not enter the password. Tap Reset. Let us know how that works out for you. Many thanks.
How do I change wireless channel to 6?
Sorry, i changes it to 6 last night. Changed it to 11 now. Its still problematic. And it keeps saying in addition that it loses connection to spotify, a new thing that came up today. Not ver happy with this sStem so far
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Thanks for reporting back. It does still sound like a wireless interference issue. Did you follow the latter half of that advice? May we see an updated diagnostic?
Wonder why there should be an interference issue wheni live in a relatively straight forward apartment and the boost promises for an additional 110€ to run on its own network „through walls“ new diag number: 1523498959
Probably because there are many outside influences on any local WiFi, including other electrical equipment, neighboring WiFi signals, etc.
Well my neighbors have same system and it seems to work there. Should I send them back then? I dont want to deal with this amymore. If you underatand.
No, I wouldn't return it. There's lots of things that can be looked at and changed in a wifi environment in order to adjust it so it can work in your space.

Honestly, I'd suggest that you follow the request made by the Sonos employee above, Edward, and submit a new diagnostic, so that he can evaluate the data, and make further recommendations.
Or, perhaps if you'd prefer a less asynchronous conversation, you might want to call Sonos directly to discuss it. That might give them the opportunity to log in to your system and look at things in real time, and have a much faster back and forth with you, to help resolve the issues you're running in to. I'm a fan of the phone call, it opens up a few extra options that aren't available here in the forum, and should be swifter in reaching a resolution.
I ll try that option next week. I’ll resend another diagnostic number tomorrow.. sent the last one a couple h ago but will do a fresh one 2morrow.
Tried to listen to music this morning. Not working. I will send it back Monday if we dont find a solution. Here is latest diagnostic number: 1732798961
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Hi, thanks for reporting back. There is still a lot of interference present on the system. Bruce is absolutely right in saying that there are external factors that can affect your WiFi interference levels. It may be your neighbour's WiFi that is causing the issue. I would recommend following Bruce's advice and give us a call so that we can do an in-depth channel analysis.