K8500 4k Bluray (Samsung)

  • 11 October 2018
  • 4 replies


Maybe some what off topic but hoping someone can help.

seems like a smart informed bunch of people here, im not at all technically knowledge about this stuff.

I have MKV files with DTS audio on a USB drive and plugged into the 8500 Bluray they play picture but no sound ?

Is there an easy fix for this or is it broken in someway ?

4 replies

I suppose you are trying to listen to those videos through a PlayBar, PlayBase or Beam. These devices do not support DTS audio, hence the lack of any audio output during DTS playback.
You will need to configure your BD player in a way so that it converts DTS on the fly to DD5.1 ('Surround Compatible' in your Samsung's settings menu, see link below).

None of those i just want regular sound via the tv which is a sony bravia 4k
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Hi passopp

If your question does not concern a Sonos speaker which in this case would be a Playbar/Playbase or Beam there's not much we can tell you about your Bravia TV. Have you tried setting Audio output to PCM? Otherwise you should review your manuals or contact the respective support center(s). Good Luck!

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I use those files with a mediaplayer (minix) (XBMC) with extern HDD who converts DTS sound DD5.1 might not be DTS but i can still use them. Works 🆒


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