It’s been years now and I can NOT get Apple Music to work

  • 3 April 2022
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Its been years now and I can NOT get Apple Music to work.  I’ve tried everything I can try. Tech support was clueless and ran me through trouble shooting for people who don’t understand tech.   I pay for Music and have a ton of Sonos products that i can’t use anymore.  It works with every other service I’ve tried. So it is NOT a wireless interference issue. It’s a Sonos / Apple issue. 

Can anyone possibly fix this for me??


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2 replies

At what point/step in the adding of the AM service to the Sonos mobile controller App, as mentioned in the below Support link, does the process ‘fail’ for you and what message do you see on screen?

Are both your Sonos online account and your Apple Music account registered in the same country and have you tried removing and reinstalling the Apple Music native app on your controller device and have you also tried a Sonos App ‘reset’ in ‘Settings/App Preferences’?

It's a shame that you have suffered with this problem for years, yet have only joined the forum to seek help today.