Issues with Ubiquiti UniFi Gateway and Sonos system

  • 12 July 2017
  • 3 replies

This morning everything was fine. My Sonos system was working as normal using to Ubiquiti UniFi AP's. I have two Sonos Play 1's, one Sonos Play 3's and two Sonos Playbars.

This afternoon I added a UniFi Security Gateway router into the set up and now none of my Sonos players are working. Within the UniFi controller I can see that all the Sonos speakers have IP addresses but my Sonos controllers can't see any of them.

Anyone have any suggestions or diagnosis? I'm not an IT expert and hoping someone knows of a simple fix I just need to tweak.

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3 replies

UBNT-Brandon here. I run 5x PLAY:1 and 1x SONOS Connect at home for this reason (along w/ full UniFi stack of course: USG, UniFi Switch, and every model UniFi AP).

From my experience after changing network side things, each Sonos simply needs to be rebooted to get it back again. Have you tried doing so?

Brandon, sorry for picking up a really old post. USG-Pro, USG Switch, AP-AC-Pros. Having similar problem that the original poster mentioned. I can get my pair of SONOS One's to connect, get setup, then boom the next day nothing works. If I connect them via Apple AP and cradlepoint no issues. Wondering what you did to get Sonos to play nice with the Unifi kit. Thanks!
Now the weirdest part of this deal. My phones were connected via VLAN 50 over a wireless SSID and could not see the Sonos speaker that was hardwared into the management VLAN. My windows box in the management lan could see the Sonos speakers and control them. During a support call today I switched the Sonos speaker that was connected to my Unifi 24-250w switch to VLAN 50. Boom, my phones could now control the sonos speakers. I figured my windows box would no longer be able to. Wrong, everything works flawlessly. There is some serious igmp/mdns voodoo going on with the USG that is very hard to understand.